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Annual Political Economy Meeting

The Annual Political Economy Meeting constitutes a space for collective reflection and debate around the guiding principles that seek to ensure geographical, disciplinary, institutional, and gender diversity. The participation of the Thematic Sections and research teams is promoted, namely through the proposal of panels that aggregate certain interests or research topics. The Annual Meeting also aims at reinforcing internationalization and the involvement of students. The themes chosen for the Annual Meeting seek to address topics that are pertinent for teaching and research in Political Economy and relevant in the context of public debate, while promoting interaction with national and foreign researchers in order to contribute to the affirmation of Political Economy as a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach in Portugal.


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7ª Ed. 2024
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4ª Ed. 2021
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1ª Ed. 2018
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6ª Ed. 2023
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3ª Ed. 2020
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5ª Ed. 2022
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2ª Ed. 2019
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