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Conference - Reproductive Work, Care and Domestic Service

Conference on Reproductive Work, Care and Domestic Service

Faculdade de Letras da UP

4th and 5th march de 2022

The aim of this Meeting is to bring together theoretical and empirical contributions, the result of scientific research and also of organizational processes and intervention projects, which make a better understanding of the phenomenon of care, its organization, the reality of paid and unpaid domestic work in its historical and contemporary configurations, as well as identifying emerging trends and ongoing debates on socio-legal regulation and public policies in this field. All contributions are welcome in a space intended to share knowledge and open debate, with plenaries, panels and debate tables. To submit a proposal for individual or collective communication, you must indicate: name and biographical note (up to 100 words); institutional affiliation; and abstract of the communication (200-400 words), sending an email to: The deadline runs until January 17, 2022.


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