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Workshop “Varieties of Workplace Democracy: from specific models to a political economy”

Workshop held on 7-9 June 2023 at the Centre Marc Bloch (Humboldt University Berlin).

Call for Papers until 28 February.

Organization: This workshop is organised within the framework of the research project

“Workplace democracy: a European ideal? Discourses and practices about the democratization of work after 1945 (EUR-DEM)”, led by Stefan Berger (Institute for Social Movements / Ruhr-

University Bochum) and Roberto Frega (Centre Marc Bloch). This project is funded by ANR (Association National de la Recherche) and DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft).

Convenor: Pedro Teixeira (Centre Marc Bloch)

Confirmed keynote speakers: Wolfgang Streeck (Max Planck Institute), Ruth Dukes (University

of Glasgow), Virginia Doellgast (Cornell University)

Description: The goal of democratizing the workplace continues to inform both actual struggles

and intellectual discourses about the sphere of work. However, compared to similar debates held

some decades ago, today’s theoretical landscape concerning workplace democracy is significantly

wider, with a variety of models and practices vying to be seen as the best promoters of a more

democratic workplace. In fact, alongside historically established models such as those of collective

bargaining between employers and trade unions, or the German-based model of co-determination,

other approaches such as those of co-operatives, workers’ self-management, stakeholder

participation, co-management and financial participation schemes (profit sharing, etc.) have been

enjoying greater attention in recent years. Yet, while we now possess a deeper understanding of the

several possible interpretations of workplace democracy, and the concrete practices and

institutional forms these may assume, the question as to how each of these models is to be

integrated into a wider, more comprehensive political economy – including its legal and institutional

frameworks – remains understudied.


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