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Lecture Series in Advanced Political Economy (SAPE): The Crises of Capitalism

Collaborative programme to create a global network discussing heterodox economic ideas and promoting alternatives to currently dominant policies

The second year of the Advanced Lecture Series in Critical Political Economy, held in partnership between SOAS and NSSR, focuses on The Crises of Capitalism.

23 Oct 2023

Costas Lapavitsas

The Interregnum since The Great Crisis of 2007-9

30 Oct 2023

Paulo dos Santos

Marxian Theory of Crisis

13 Nov 2023

Clara Mattei

Answering Capitalist Crisis with Austerity

11 Dec 2023

Richard Wolff

The Economics and Geopolitics of Imperialism Today

29 Jan 2024

Alessandra Mezzadri

Social Reproduction in the Post-covid Era

26 Feb 2024

Ying Chen

Climate Crisis and the Future of Capitalism

18 Mar 2024

Yannis Dafermos

Fiscal and Monetary Policies to Deal with the Environmental Crisis

Lectures take place on Mondays (12-2pm NY / 5-7pm UK), via Zoom.

The lectures are delivered by leading political economists and each session is divided into three parts: a focused analysis of aspects of crisis, followed by a discussion delivered by one or two PhD students from the partner institutions, and concluded by open discussion with all participants.

Past lectures are also available on SAPE's YouTube channel.


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