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Summer School 2022

More info will soon be available

The Political Economy of the European Peripheries Summer School 2022 is the first summer school launched by the Portuguese Association for Political Economy (EcPol). EcPol was founded in 2017 with the aim of promoting the teaching, research, dissemination, and public debate on Political Economy in Portugal. In terms of intellectual content, EcPol is committed to an approach of Political Economy as an interdisciplinary domain, dedicated to the analysis of economic processes and outcomes, taking into account their respective institutional, historical, and geographic contexts, framing economic phenomena as being eminently shaped by social, political, legal, cultural, technological, and ecological factors.

The objective of the Political Economy of the European Peripheries Summer School 2022 is to assess and discuss the variegated dynamics of peripheralization, which are being shaped and reshaped by processes of global and regional integration, of structural transformation and of imbalances, viz-à-viz the center. Theoretically, it will revisit and combine hitherto unconnected strands of the relevant literature, mobilizing concepts like core, periphery and semi-periphery, structural transformation or cumulative causation, recognizing the asymmetric configuration of the European integration process or the uneven and dependent trajectories of development, and the renewed interest in industrial policy and the state’s role, which was magnified by ongoing crises. Methodologically, it will embrace conceptual elaboration, stemming from the revisitation and expansion of the concept of periphery and peripheralization, research-oriented lectures and problem-based explorations.

The Political Economy of the European Peripheries Summer School 2022 is aimed at Master and PhD students, or young researchers in an early stage of their careers. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with leading scholars and peers, through work and discussion in groups, and to present and discuss their own research and their research papers to the whole group.

More info will soon be available


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