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Chamada de contribuições

Está aberta uma chamada para contribuições (capítulos) com vista a integrar um projeto de livro sobre a economia política da Covid-19, com o título provisório ‘The political economy of COVID 19: markets, crisis and the state in perspective’. Mais informações em baixo, em inglês.

The World Economics Association Conference Book Series is creating a new book project evolving around issues of the coronavirus crisis. The provisional title is The political economy of COVID 19: markets, crisis and the state in perspective.

We believe that it is increasingly necessary to view the numerous interconnected systemic social, economic, political, and ecological problems in a new light. This initiative is the result of the WEA Conference The Great Lockdown. The coronavirus crisis relates to an economic and socio-cultural process that is provoking changes in scientific thinking and modes of governance. The objective of the conference, led by Dr. Carmelo Ferlito and Prof. Maria Alejandra Madi, was to call for a pluralist reflection about current knowledge in economic crises in terms of theories and instruments. Indeed, this WEA Conference aimed to discuss contributions to the understanding of COVID-19 economic crisis and its governance while bridging the gap between different economic theoretical approaches and the practical applications of economic theories. Therefore, we would like to invite you to contribute a chapter for the book in order to facilitate further dialogue about the coronavirus crisis more widely.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

• Varieties of capitalism: the diversity of responses to the global COVID-19 crisis

• The twin economic and health crises in retrospect and today.

• Business cycles, innovation and finance

• The acceleration of disruptive innovations

• Social inequality: labour, migration and food security

• The Nation States and the Markets: geopolitical outcomes

• Global outcomes: trade wars and cryptocurrencies

• Resistances to lockdown and conspiracies during COVID-19

• Deconstructing the pandemic: from resistance to lockdown to theories conspiratorial

• The economic, scientific and social impact of pandemic denialists

• Conceptualization of the “new normal”

• Building resilience: ethics and governance.

To submit a book chapter proposal, please send 500 words abstract till December 5th for Mauricio Rezende Dias - ( Alternatively, you can reply to us for more information ( We look forward to hearing from you.

Maria Alejandra Madi, Chair WEA Conference Programme and Editor of Conference Book Series –

Mauricio Rezende Dias, University of Lisbon, University of Coimbra and ISCTE –

Simone Fari, University of Granada –


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